Modern Duplex, Five Dock

Modern Duplex Five Dock, Sydney

„No longer is it about how cheap and quick a Duplex can be put together for a quick sale and quick profit, only to see the building fade and crumble shortly after. There is now a demand for a luxury build and tasteful custom design to create an energy-efficient, sustainable oasis that also ensures a maximum return for the investor“, Doug Carey, Owner and Director of Bayside Built.

This Duplex has been designed to have an in-ground swimming pool on 1 lot only, not through budget restraints but to appeal to a broader market. This caters to a broader audience of people looking to buy or rent and also places a premium on the house that a buyer or renter is after. There will be no bids left in the back pocket come auction day knowing that there is no replica option right next door.

This staircase was designed on-site to have no visible fixings for the frameless glass balustrade or stair treads. Attention to detail like this small example is what sets Bayside Built’s duplex apart from the mass-produced market and makes it a luxury and contemporary product.

To create an eco-friendly home Bayside Built has recycled every single brick from the original double-brick federation home that stood before the new Duplex. Re-using 10,000 bricks saves approximately 5 tonnes of carbon emissions. Also salvaged were the original sandstone footings ranging in size and shapes to be re-used throughout the front and rear yards of both properties to create a beautiful landscape.