Pro-Tips by Bayside Built Ep.3 | Choosing Paint

“50 shades of white” or how to pick the right paint colour when renovating your home! There are simples ways to make the right choice: You might go with the more natural shades and pop it with a bright front door or feature wall – or the other way around, either way, your personality has to come through!

  1. Narrow down your choices (we know it´s hard!) and get some samples from the paint store next door.
  1. Paint a large enough area on a few different walls so that you can see how the light hits it at different times of the day…
    Watch our Pro-tips video for more tips and tricks!

Our James Hardie cladding at Marrickville Oasis was painted by Dial-A-Painter using Dulux Australia ‘Basalt’ from the Colorbond range.