On-site Belle I Week 4

Home renovation in Drummoyne
Week 4 out of 15

We are back with our on-site videos again! Here is the quick recap of the last 2 weeks.

Week 2 and 3, we have smashed the demo stage‚Ķliterally! This stage is very exciting for the owners…one day they give you the keys to their home, the next day all that’s left is a shell. We have opened the living/ dining space by removing a wall, cut the steel beams to install above to support the roof. Infilled some of the windows to reconfigure the space a bit and at the same time, pool has been dug up and installed already.

Week 4, timber framing is done and dusted and we are onto electrical to get it all sorted before we start plastering the walls.

If you would like to see BELLE ” Before” head here:


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  1. erotik

    Thanks again for the blog article. Really thank you! Much obliged. Merline Darby Kancler

    1. Baysidebuilt

      Any time Merline! Glad you enjoying the videos!

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