Walkthrough with Doug Carey @ Haberfield Treehouse

Come with us and have a look through our latest project here in Haberfield!

Designing homes in Haberfield’s conservation area comes with its challenges. ‘Treehouse’ with its precise detailing and a sensitive approach to the streetscape has captured a flawless combination of bespoke design with a classic layout and facade.

Every room in Bayside Built’s ‘Treehouse’ house leads you towards stunning elevated views over The Bay Run towards Le Montage and into the city. Steel framed sliding doors at the rear vanish into cavities when open
and have only 25mm of visible frame when closed, with the sill recessed into the floor for a seamless finish and clean transition out onto the deck suspended high up over the rear yard.

The house features a distinct raw material palette with white and forest green-painted walls and polished concrete floors, with the staircase designed to provide a bold statement at the core of the building. The kitchen design features mirrored splashbacks to increase the welcoming and spacious character of the living area.